Tungsten Ring Elegant Wedding Band with Silver Cable Inlay Wedding Band for Men and Women

  • A UNIQUE TUNGSTEN RING~The gold polished center,the matte finish and the brushed edges make this the most elegant tungsten ring you’ll ever come across. It may not be gold, but it is made with an exclusive "E-900 Tungsten Carbide MAX" metal mix,so it is 10 times harder than an 18K gold ring. Thanks to its detailed design and its heavy duty materials, this tungsten wedding band is one of a kind.
  • UNQUESTIONABLE QUALITY~Our tungsten ring is made with high quality materials and it has been tested multiple times to make sure that these materials are very durable and scratch resistant.
  • PERFECT& COMFORTABLE FIT~Do you want your tungsten ring to be secure around your finger? Then measure your finger and take a look at the Nuni Jewelry size guide. By choosing the right size, you’ll have the perfect fit and the tungsten carbide ring will feel very comfortable and pleasant. And the skin under the tungsten wedding band will be just fine, because the materials of the ring are 100% hypoallergenic and safe.
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